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Anti-aging and smoothing of the skin

Forehead, facelift and neck lift

Facelift and Neck Lift
(Neck Lift)

The skin and shape of the face, especially around the eyes, show their age over time. The process of aging leads to

  • more pronounced wrinkles,
  • a lower elasticity of the skin,
  • a lower proportion of adipose tissue,
  • a sagging fatty tissue or
  • a regression of bone tissue.

Facelifts provide the opportunity to improve many of these signs of aging and regain a younger, fresher appearance.

Common reasons for a facelift are:

  • a wrinkled neck,
  • sagging cheeks,
  • a sagging facial contour or
  • pronounced wrinkles next to the mouth (nose lip crease).

These changes make the face appear older.

Facelifts are divided into different categories, depending on the region in question:

  • Cheek lift
  • cheek lift
  • eyebrow lift
  • eyelid tightening
  • eyelid tightening
Classic / surgical

Wrinkles can emerge due to a slow and gradual process of shifting in the structure of fatty tissue and skin on the face. In this case, m3 relies on the classic surgical facelift. Here, sunken structures are brought back to their original position and excess skin removed.

The contour and dynamics of the skin can be restored, but not its elasticity. Structures under the skin must therefore be lifted in order for the face keep its natural look.

Here, an incision is made in front of and behind the ears. In the case of a neck lift and the removal of a so-called double chin, an incision is made below the chin.

We seal the wounds using intracutaneous sutures to ensure that no scar will emerge later on.

In summary, if you leave your operation in the hands of our team, you’ll benefit from advanced automated cooling (Hilotherm) for rapid recovery and a painless postoperative course. We will order the face corset that you will need to wear for three weeks after the operation.

More information
More information180-240 minutes
Presentable in just14 days
Patient can return to exercise after3-4 weeks
Facelift and Neck Lift
(Neck Lift)

Minimally invasive methods

Minimally invasive methods of tightening the facial skin consider three aspects:

  • Volume effect using hyaluronic acid/ absorbable PDO threads
  • Volume effect using hyaluronic acid/ absorbable PDO threads
  • Paralysis of facial muscles using botulinum toxin type A

With a thread lift, self-dissolving threads are inserted into my skin tissue. With this minimally invasive and therefore gentle wrinkle treatment technique, sagging parts of my face are smoothed and partially lifted.

My face now looks fresher and more vital. I can also specifically emphasize facial contours with a thread lift. The threads used stimulate my body’s own collagen production. This gives me a long-term and, above all, natural treatment result.

M3 uses the thread lift

  • facial wrinkle treatment,
  • Wrinkle treatment on the neck and
  • Tightening of sagging skin in the décolleté.

The effect depends on the condition of the skin. With a pronounced excess of skin, a thread lift is usually not sufficient.

In vampire lifting (PRP therapy), 16ml of your own blood is processed by centrifugation to concentrate growth factors. With this skin-rejuvenating method, m3 does not require any surgery or synthetic agents. The skin can regenerate in a gentle way.

The PRF application has proven itself for the treatment of dark circles under the eyes in combination with fine PDO threads.

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that is naturally part of my skin. Depending on requirements, it can be processed in different consistencies. Thin liquid for superficial wrinkles or as a viscous gel for deep furrows. Hyaluron is very well tolerated for me.

Since side effects are rare, but not impossible, even with competent m3 injections, I am comprehensively informed about this before the treatment.

With Botox, my mimic facial wrinkles are treated easily, quickly and safely. Botulinum toxin A (Botox) eliminates “my first wrinkles” before they can dig deep into my skin. The effect of Botox is based on a weakening of my facial muscles. By relaxing the muscles, this treatment can also relieve my tension headaches and even my migraine attacks as a positive side effect.

Wrinkle-free forehead

The arching of the eyebrows and the deep wrinkles of the side forehead indicate drooping eyebrows that require an eyebrow lift. We usually do such a lift together with an eyelid lift. A forehead lift makes deep forehead wrinkles disappear.

The operation takes place under anesthesia and is minimally invasive, so that the scars in the hairline disappear.

Eyebrow / forehead lift
Forehead/eyebrow lift
Duration of the intervention60-120 minutes
Stay/AnesthesiaOutpatient / general anesthesia
Presentable in just10 days
Patient can return to exercise after2 weeks
That’s what our patients say
Jameda review

Competent and very nice doctor
Super nice staff and doctor.

Jameda review

Experienced Specialists at m3
Prof. Dr. dr Dr. Koch and his team won me over with three professionally executed operations. The entire team is very friendly. I was 100% satisfied with the modern methods they used… I highly recommend the team!

Jameda review

Likeable and Competent
Dr. Koch skillfully removed a dangerous squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer) on my forehead. The examination was thorough and he took the time to explain the treatment to me in great detail. The team did a great job on the operation and post-treatment care and calmed all my fears. I would trust them anytime!

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