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Plastic surgery in Wiesbaden

m3 beauty clinic

m3 combines many years of experience and expertise with the safest and most modern and painless treatment methods to achieve perfect results. m3 offers perfectly individualized treatments while never losing sight of the overall aesthetic.

The m3 Clinic is located in the center of Wiesbaden at the market column. We would be happy to consult you in our bright and inviting office. Our operations take place in the operation rooms, which are hygienically and technically equipped at the highest level: Class 1b air conditioning, Dräger-Primus anesthetic machines, and post-operative intensive care by registered nurses.

You’ll find Prof. Dr. dr Felix Koch’s practice for maxillofacial and plastic facial surgery directly at the market column next to the tourist information. Our specialist practice for plastic facial surgery in Wiesbaden follows a comprehensive and sustainable concept to help you gain back a rejuvenated and fresh appearance. True to the Form Follows Function concept, we lay focus on causal therapy and that which is medically logical. As plastic facial surgeons, we are not only able to alter the skin, but also all other types of facial tissue such as bones, cartilage and fatty tissue, using all the techniques of modern surgery.

We treat, for example, small, age-related changes in the face using minimally invasive methods, that is by injecting fillers into the skin. The filling substance is a hyaluronic acid, or an autologous fat obtained from other regions of the body, also known as the so-called vampire lifting by PRF. This method utilizes growth factors in your own blood. To lift and tighten sagging parts of the face, we insert threads under the skin, also known as a thread lift.
Everyday tension in our facial muscles causes so-called frown lines or mid-forehead wrinkles to occur. This can be smoothened used a botulinum toxin type A treatment, also known as a botox treatment. This treatment takes less than an hour.

Many of our patients complain of impaired vision due to drooping eyelids, which prevents them from wearing contact lenses. A simple operation using local anesthesia can help eliminate this issue.
Deep wrinkles can also be removed during a forehead or an endoscopic facelift, which is not possible with the use of fillers and injections alone. Excess fatty tissue can be removed using so-called liposuction, while tissue build-up using an autologous fat transplantation.

We harmonize and correct deformations related to accidents, illnesses or congenital malformations using techniques that restore the function of the nose. Each individual case differs. This is why we develop an individual treatment plan for each patient – from straightening the nasal septum to a crooked nose, eliminating a nasal hump or raising the tip of the nose. Virtual planning software allow us to include the patient in determining the course of action from the convenience of their own home.

At Marktplatz 3 in Wiesbaden, you’ll benefit from the use of the latest virtual planning techniques in modern surgery. 3D printers transmit the planned results directly to the operating room, which we can control stereotactically using high-tech laser cameras. If necessary, we can use this to alter the position of the jaw to restore a normal chewing function, or harmonize certain facial proportions. We can plan our dysgnathic or orthodontic surgery together with an orthodontist accordingly.
Missing bone substance can also be restored with the help of 3D printing technology. Here, we restore bone mass using dental implants. With our planning technology, we work with your family dentist together to develop and place dental implants that let your smile shine again. No need to fret, since not only our plastic and aesthetic procedures, but also our jaw surgeries and implantations are done under anesthesia.

A permanent anesthesia team equipped with state-of-the-art equipment will ensure your safety during the operation. After the procedure, the team of nurses will take care of you in our quiet recovery room. All of these unique features guarantee that our patients love coming in to Marktplatz 3 in Wiesbaden, right next to the tourist information.

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Koch, Marktplatz 3, 65183 Wiesbaden
Phone: +49 (0)611 51010530

Yale (USA)
Dr. Derek Steinbacher, 330 Cedar St, New Haven, CT 06510